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A friend may move away - so far that you may never meet again.
And yet they are a part of you forever.

PAM BROWN, b.1928

  • R. Marckmann is searching for John Banse '59
    Email R. Marckmann at venicedante@gmail.com
  • Sue Marsh is searching for Donald Moses '65
    Email Sue at suez@impulse.net
  • Ed Thatcher is searching for Bill Pitt '63 and Claudia Amason '66
    Email Ed at fyrbiz@gmail.com
  • Patricia Vigneault is searching for Janet Citron '61
    Email Patricia at trishtoler@verizon.net
  • Mike Whalan is searching for Joanne Macklin '65
    Email Mike at mwhalan1@gmail.com
  • Ed Diaz is searching for Pam East '58
    Email Ed at edleediaz@wmconnect.com
  • Greg Irvine is searching for Rick Fisher '66
    Email Greg at irvine1620@aol.com
  • Michael Whalan is searching for Tino Rico '59
    Email Michael at mwhalan1@gmail.com
  • Leslie Kimble is searching for Dave Miller and Alex Kamola '64
    Email Leslie at lksnow.4@gmail.com
  • Robin Morris is searching for Mick Tisherman '66
    Email Robin at rgmrobin@verizon.net
  • Barbara Cadis is searching for Lynn Gardens, Ted Manning, Tim Duchenne and Herb Hovie '66
    Email Barbara at barbaraadamson80127@yahoo
  • Sonja Fischer is searching for Laurena Stearns and Carol Lee '59
    Email Sonja at isawitt@yahoo.com
  • Susan Smith is searching for Marion Russ '65
    Email Susan at suzie2u2000@yahoo.com
  • Lynette Hart Erdman is searching for Cheryl Irvine '58
    Email Lynette at Lynetteerdman@cox.net
  • Sherrie Toti is searching for Diana Taylor,Ellen Ferguson, Gwen Roberts, Marilyn MacKnight '64
    Email Sherrie at sherrietj@comcast.net
  • Steven Spiwak is searching for Stephen Epstein '67
    Emaiil Steven at spiwaksteven@gmail.com
  • Russell and Sharon Jansta are searching for Dennis Hollis '59
    Email Russel and Sharon at mailto:SJANSTA@AOL.COM
  • Eileen Aragon is searching for Kippy Chris Barbarito '69
    Email Eileen at efaragon@charter.net
  • Norma Seeman is searching for Anita Walsh '63
    Email Norma at jones2191@gmail.com
  • Kay Kemp is searching for Mike Totten '68
    Email Kay at kaykemp@ca.rr.com
  • Pearl Russo is searching for Teresa Doyle & Sue Vasberry'64
    Email Pearl at scooterbutt99@att.net
  • Clark Benter is searching for Ken Tectow '58, Kenneth D. Miller '58
    Email Clark at cbenter1@cox.net
  • Judy Crane is searching for Linda Naeve '62
    Email Judy at judycrane@moscow.com
  • Patty McKane is searching for Nancy Patterson '56
    Email Patty at pmcolo38@gmail.com
  • Norma Seeman is searching for Anita Walsh '63
    Email Norma at jones2191@gmail.com
  • Dan Baysinger is searching for Dave Kaufman '65
    Email Dan at salvage2@frontiernet.net
  • Carl Grana is searching for B. Potts, Ralph Potts, Mary Potts
    Email Carl at carlgrana@cox.net
  • Louise Farkas is searching for Judy Eidenberg '60
    Email Louise at lfsherman@sbcglobal.net
  • Robin Baroody is searching for Keith Jackson '69 and Kim Jackson '74
    Email Robin at niborus@yahoo.com
  • Catherine Nuslein is searching for Daniel Oelke, Class of 1963 or 1964
    Email Catherine at cnuslein@coramerica.com
  • Wayne Flaaten is searching for Dennis Valentine, Class of 1958
    Email Wayne at floatin@whidbey.net
  • Pat Johnston is searching for Diane Hood, Class of 1960
    Email Pat at patgreen73@yaoo.com
  • Clark Benter is searching for Donna Kennedy, Lee Leighton, Robert N. Weinstein and
    Norman Wilcox, Class of 1959
    Email Clark at cbenter1@cox.net

  • Jim Carhart is searching for Henry Adams, Class of 1963
    Email Jim at jami7@frontier.com
  • Eric Hoffman is searching for Mike Catron, Class of 1963
    Email Eric at ericbudget@gmail.com
  • Cheryl Parry is searching for Brian Thomas, Class of 1966
    Email Cheryl at cherylparry1007@hotmail.com
  • W. Dale Faust is searching for Judy Richards, Class of 1953
    Email W. Dale at wdfaust@sbcglobal.net
  • Mike Whalan is searching for Faustino L. Rico, Class of 1959
    Email Mike at mwhalan1@gmail.com
  • Sylvia Duarte is searching for Richard Lucero, Class of 57, 58, 59
    Email Sylvia at donasyl44@gmail.com
  • Joe Kraft is searching for Bob Daily and John Urbansky, Class of 1963
    Email Joe at papajoe07@yahoo.com
  • Joanie Shay-Lanham is searching for Kathy Adamson, Class of 1968
    Email Joanie at 1204joanie@gmail.com
  • Jeff Berlant is searching for Ivan Hipschman, Class of 1960
    Email Jeff at jberlant@pol.net
  • Reggie Potts is searching for Barry & Bill Burt, Class of 1964 and 1965
    Email Reggie at pottsrealestate@yahoo.com
  • Jennifer Douglas is searching for Marian Rubin Olivos, Class of 1969
    Email Jennifer at jennifer@boilerbay.com
  • Michael Hartsough is searching for Bobbi Hartsough, Class of 1969
    Email Michael at slow1946@gmail.com
  • Linda Watts is searching for Joe Crenshaw, Class of 1964
    Email Linda at liborg2@gmail.com
  • Lee Lattin is searching for Rick Hudson, Class of 1967 or 1968
    Email Lee at llattin@omm.com
  • Robert Retano is searching for Fred Gideon, Class of 1964
    Email Robert at rjretano@pacbell.net
  • Judy Crane is searching for Linda Naeve, Class of 1962
    Email Judy at judycrane@moscow.com
  • Bill Ralph is searching for Lynda Kafer, Class of 1965
    Email Bill at whrj1@yahoo.com
  • Nancy Hughes is searching for Eileen Kelly, Class of 1967
    Email Nancy at jhughes122@aol.com
  • Kay Kemp aka Ms. Kemp is searching for CC kids, especially from El Marino '67 and on.
    Email Ms. Kemp at kaykemp@ca.rr.com
  • Terri Hockman is searching for John Wiltshire, Class of 1966
    Email Terri at snookum_pm@yahoo.com
  • Rosslyn Monroe is searching for LeAnn Giroux, Class of 1965
    Email Rosslyn at rmonroe47@yahoo.com
  • Patti Lauderback is searching for Jan Musial or Rita Martinez, Class of 1961
    Email Patti at pattiamittelman@aol.com
  • Glen Hall is searching for Jim Burnett, Class of 1960
    Email Glen at ghall9026@sbcglobal.net
  • Patrick Heckman is searching for Sharon Hayward, Class of 1966
    Email Patrick at hokey111@att.net
  • Joyce Victorino is searching for Linda Martinez, Phyllis & Linda Wolfe, Rick Barnhill and
    Carolyn Nastyn Class of 1966
    Email Joyce at vpapasgirl@aol.com
  • Rita Terry is searching for Gayle Sparks, Class of 1967
    Email Rita at ritabohn2001@gmail.com
  • Ronnie Blurton is searching for Frederick Williams, Class of 1961
    Email Ronnie at rblurton43@msn.com
  • Doug Sagrillo is searching for Jack Parr and John Flanigan, class of 1968
    Email Doug at quinton994@msn.com
  • Pete Allard is searching for Steven Ramsey, class of 1968
    Email Pete at petebondomino@yahoo.com
  • Jan Allard is searching for Patty Tradewell, class of 1964
    Email Jan at jgrafft@yahoo.com
  • John Flanton is searching for Laurie Ipach, class of 1969 and John Corona, class of 1970 or 1971
    Email John at jflanton@hotmail.com
  • Rick Weingarten is searching for Steve Willard, class of 1967
    Email Rick at weinga@ca.rr.com
  • Sherry Selby is seaching for Cathy Darr, class of 1965
    Email Sherry at akslebys@gmail.com
  • Howard Stanley Cooper is searching for Terry Vennum, class of 1967
    Email Howard at stanhoop@yahoo.com
  • Sondra Bloom is searching for Linda Freedman, class of 1967
    Email Sondra at energy@healthdetectives.com
  • Joyce Victorino is searching for Carol Nastyn, Leah Brown, Lance Brightwell, Claudia Amason,
    Bruce McIntosh, Virginia McIntosh and Cathy Stangler and Rick McClure class of 1966
    Email Joyce at vpapasgirl@aol.com
  • Sharon Barbao is searching for Don Doty, class of 1961
    Email Sharon at auntiegin_90746@yahoo.com
  • Linda Whitthorne is searching for David Sterling, class of 1965
    Email Linda at whitty214@myemail.com
  • Judy Fulsom is searching for Jill Epperson, Dawn Volke, Elieen Dunn and
    Bonita Knox, class of 1961
    Email Judy at judye.fulsom@gmail.com
  • Roseann Skorke is searching for Carol Martin, class of 1964 and Charlotte Martin, class of 1961
    Email Roseann at rdhansen_55@msn.com
  • Joyce Hernandez is searching for Vicki Grant and Kathy Hunter, class of 1969
    Email Joyce at jlsanders.06@gmail.com
  • Sharon Lowitz is searching for Sharon Laurent, class of 1961
    Email Sharon at SRMayled@NPGCable.com
  • Ray Howton is searching for Dolly Paquette, class of 1963
    Email Ray at rstaar@yahoo.com
  • Harold "Butch" Owens is searching for Nancy Pianalto, class of 1969
    Email Butch at harold@grammy.com
  • Linda Zurborg is searching for George Dudley, class of 1964
    Email Linda at liborg2@gmail.com
  • Gloria Kutchai is searching for teacher, Mr. Riddle and Sue Espland, class of 1961
    Email Gloria at gloria78@q.com
  • Dick Murphy is searching for Bruce Musselman, class of 1967
    Email Dick at dick.murphy@comcast.net
  • Mike Whalan is searching for Joan Balling, class of 1959
    Email Mike at mwhalan1@gmail.com
  • Barbara Robinson is searching for Betsy Ramsey, class of 1966
    Email Barbara at barbarajjacobs@gmail.com
  • Susan Marsh is searching for Donald Moses, class of 1965
    Email Susan at suez@impulse.net
  • Bob Sanchez is searching for Fay Danforth, class of 1968
    Email Bob at btaz51@aol.com
  • Greg Irvine is searching for Renee Dizard, class of 1968
    Email Greg at Irvine1620@aol.com
  • Sharon Lowitz is searching for Sharon & Kathy Laurent clases of 1961 & 1963 approx.
    Email Sharon at SRMayled@NPGCable.com
  • Larry McCalvy is searching for Gail Lopez, class of 1958
    Email Larry at wa9jmo@wi.net
  • Doris Sutton is searching for Maria Velasquez, class of 1962 or 1963
    Email Doris at laughwithdoris@yahoo.com
  • John Flanton is searching for Lori Ipach, class of 1969
    Email John at john@canterburyintl.com
  • Donna Skinner is searching for Phil Calhoun, class of 1964
    Email Donna at donnamayfive@yahoo.com
  • Linvia Sordo is searching for Joe Toro and Joe Sullivan, class of 1965 and 1966
    Email Linvia at lkaumanns@yahoo.com
  • Nancy Best would like the girls from the class of 1968 to go to the CCHS girls of '68 on Facebook
    Email Nancy at nancylprice@gmail.com
  • Robert Cook is searching for Loyette Brown, class of 1963
    Email Robert at Koocac@roadrunner.com
  • Edward Franco is searching for Betty Turner, class of 1966
    Email Edward at efranco3@live.com
  • Carol Ann Baker is searching for Muffy Tolkien, class of 1961
    Email Carol Ann at carolbakerserin@gmail.com
  • John Hansen is searching for Louise Farkas, class of 1960
    Email John at jhansen@cox.net
  • Robert Cook is searching for Ed Wheeler, class of 1962
    Email Robert at koocac@roadrunner.com
  • Chris Goodfellow is searching for Wayne Markosian, class of 1964
    Email Chris at ozarkpilgrim@aol.com
  • Denise Woleben is searching for fiends of Gary Wyan (now deceased) class of 1969. Trying to find out where Gary is buried and what happened to him. I am a cousin who lost contact with him pre-internet era. Gary's dad (Jack) is also deceased, so finding info about Gary is difficult. Hoping someone in his class can help. Thanks!
    Email Denise at dmwoleben@mac.com
  • Larry McCalvy is searching for Gail Lopez, class of 1957-1959?
    Email Larry at wa9jmo@wi.net
  • Pat Hiehle is searching for Mike Vejar, Bob MacKnight, Tom Cottrell, Patricia Marshall,
    Mary Jean Nelson, Larry Koca and Per Anderson to attend our 50th Reunion in September.
    Email Pat at designingbytricia@yahoo.com
  • Sherry Benson is searching for Susan Silverstein, Class of 1964
    Email Sherry at ritley@roadrunner.com
  • Linda Hufano is searching for Roy Wendy Yumora, class of 1962
    Email Linda at lhufano@aol.com
  • Csaba Pafli is searching for Diane Swapach, class of 1969
    Email Csaba at thechamann@gmail.com
  • Joel Levitt is searching for Dallas Morris, class of 1964
    Email Joel at jclevity@sbcglobal.net
  • Mike Glasson is searching for Mike DeLano and Connie Brown, class of 1968 and 1966
    Email Mike at mtglasson@gmail.com

  • Mary Rogers is searching for Jean Peek, class of 1965
    Email Mary at rogersj306@aol.com
  • Howard Carvar is searching for Carla Darr, class of 1969
    Email Howard at hdcokla@aol.com
  • Greg Woodbury is searching for Mark Kurtz, class of 1966
    Email Greg at g.v.woodbury@gmail.com
  • Jennifer Douglas is searching for Marian Rubin, class of 1969
    Email Jennifer at jennifer@boilerbay.com
  • Tom McFerson is searching for Jerry Brewer, Mike Campbell, Roger Ellis, Wayne Garrett, Dale Larson, Phil Michael, Leslie Newman, Steve Sanders and Donna Smithey, class of 1961
    Email Tom at tkm@stoughtoncpa.com
  • Sallye Astle is searching for Mike Elliott, class of 1966
    Email Sallye at 1nauvoo@centurylink.net
  • Linda McGhee is searching for Judy Meidema, class of 1962
    Email Linda at linblack123@hotmail.com
  • Ken Black is searching for Fred Callahan, class of 1962
    Email Ken at kcblack17@live.com
  • John Shaw is searching for Linda Kelley, class of 1965
    Email John at jwillgowest@aol.com
  • Paul Geneson is searching for Mike Callahan and Diane Parenti, class of 1958
    Email Paul at thegeneson@yahoo.com
  • Susan Adams is searching for Stuart Zimmerman, class of 1959 or 1960
    Email Susan at snevns@cooperandgamble.co
  • Sharon Mayled is searching for Kathy Laurent, class of 1964 and
    Penny Disher, class of 1961
    Email Sharon at SRMayled@NPGCable.com
  • Michael Silverstein is searching for John Lenfesty, class of 1968
    Email Michael at paralaw_dog@yahoo.com
  • Barbara McDonald is searching for Carla Herrera, class of 1969
    Email Barbara at jimbarb5147@yahoo.com
  • Karen Taylor is searching for Patricia Joyce Hess, class of 1959
    Email Karen at kt4816@att.net
  • Paul Geneson is searching for Bob Sullivan, class of 1959 and Stu Zimmerman,class of 1959
    Email Paul at thegeneson@yahoo.com
  • Linda Olmsted is searching for Gail Lassner, class of 1961
    Email Linda at lindanejati@yahoo.com
  • Diane Foreman is searching for Eileen Cash, class of 1966
    Email Diane at dfdesign1@comcast.net
  • Lynn Sperry is searching for Cheryl Nichols Black, class of 1965
    Email Lynn at petstuff@cox.net
  • Kay Heineman is searching for Barbara Peterson, class of 1961
    Email Kay at kheine3597@aol.com
  • Linda de Jong is searching for Greg Pierce, class of 1963 or 1965
    Email Linda at zurchi@aol.com
  • Tim Miller is searching for Margie Bourland, class of 1964 or 1965
    Email Tim at timothycharlesmiller@yahoo.com
  • Patricia Lockfortsalazar is searching for Carolyn and Gary Griffy, class of 1960 or 1965
    Email Patricia at allohpatricia@yahoo.com
  • Sheila Morgan is searching for Ronnie Davidson, class of 1963
    Email Sheila at sheilahillhouse@comcast.net
  • Louise Beneteau is searching for Kathleen Jennings, class of 1965
    Email Louise at LGarner2795509@att.net
  • Karen Browning is searching for Mary Rogers, class of 1965
    Email Karen at kkalsman@yahoo.com
  • Mike Hanks is searching for Artie Charles, class of 1960
    Email Mike at moinks@aol.com
  • Thea Harris is searching for Mary Ramirez, class of 1965
    Email Thea at 2thea@prodigy.net
  • Joel Rosenthal is searching for Tom Terry, class of 1963
    Email Joel at rosenth39@aol.com
  • Beverly Winett is searching for Mr. Gary Riedel, choir teacher
    Email Beverly at ladybug1946@hotmail.com
  • Bob Sanchez is searching for Fay Danforth, class of 1968
    Email Bob at btaz51@aol.ocm
  • Eileen French is searching for Linda Williamson, class of 1961
    Email Eileen at amtyshel44@hotmail.com
  • Linda McGhee is searching for Judy Meidema, class of 1962
    Email Linda at linblack247@hotmail.com
  • Cheryl Parry is searching for Brian Thomas, class of 1966
    Email Cheryl at cherylparry1007@hotmail.com
  • Mike Kay is searching for Sharon Hayward, class of 1966
    Email Mike at mikekayhandyman@yahoo.com
  • Jennifer Gunn is searching for Dianna Molino, class of 1967
    Email Jennifer at woodshe1@aol.com
  • Joan Janoff is searching for Kensley Linthacum and
    Georgine Leskovar, class of 1962
    Email Joan at minerjoan@ca.rr.com
  • Kathleen Hedly is searching for Susan Fender, class of 1969
    Email Kathleen at kathleenhedlylash@yahoo.com
  • Debbie Neville is searching for Carla Dunn, class of 1969
    Email Debbie at debra.neville@comcast.net
  • Sara Maltzman is searching for Paul Carr, Maxine Hillman, Annie Sanchis, class of 1969
    Email Sara at smaltzman@cox.net
  • Jody Tuttle is searching for Rick Turton, class of 1962
    Email Jody at DutchessPD@aol.com
  • Ronnie Iden is searching for Maxine Weems, class of 1969
    Email Ronnie at c11@sbcglobal.net
  • Diane Skinner is searching for Don Wetterstrom and Carol Nastyn, class of 1966
    Email Diane at dianelkinsey@yahoo.com
  • Lydia Stein is searching for Martin Mandel, class of 1961
    Email Lydia at bentley4us@ca.rr.com
  • Patti Lauderback is searching for Janice Thompson, class of 1961
    Email Patti at pattiamittelman@aol.com
  • Jeff Ludwig is searching for Jon Hatch, class of 1964-1965
    Email Jeff at ludwig26@cox.net
  • Marlene Polansky is searching for Gary Kraber, class of 1964
    Email Marlene at marlene.joan@gmail.com
  • Edna Bowyer is searching for Frances Husk, class of 1961
    Email Edna at efisher@west-ext.com
  • Al Dubler is searching for Joe Barbara, class of 1962
    Email Al at Dublera@Me.com
  • Dan Lindberg is searching for Joe Chism, class of 1962
    Email Dan at dhlindberg@aol.com
  • Michael Glasson is searching for Sue Chudnoff, class of 1967
    Email Michael at mtglasson@gmail.com
  • Mike Hanks is searching for Sharon Ricefield, year unknown
    Email Mike at moinks2@yahoo.com
  • Jessie Gregory is searching for Cheryl Nichols, Chris Hetland, Patty Carrol and
    Joanne Menachem, class of 1965
    Email Jessie at jessieo4335@yahoo.com
  • Dan Lindberg is searching for Barbara Crouthamel, class of 1962
    Email Dan at dhlindberg@aol.com
  • John Shelton is searching for Roger Hager, class of 1966
    Email John at poppajp@cox.net
  • Dana Cotten is searching for Mark Dusterhoft, class of 1967
    Email Dana at countess@harmonycharters.com
  • Michael Jay Zakar is searching for Joseph Sanders, class of 1967
    Email Michael at robynzakar@sbcglobal.net
  • Don Ball is searching for Robert Hughes, class of 1964
    Email Don at donball46@gmail.com
  • Mitch Paladino is searching for Tim Merryman, class of 1965
    Email Mitch at monanmitch@verizon.net
  • Earl Williman is searching for Paul Bixler, Dave Baker and Don Manning, class of 1961
    Email Earl at corky1944@verizon.net
  • Ginger Harrison is searching for Frank Harrison, class of 65
    Email Ginger at gingerguzy@yahoo.com
  • Peggy Zweben is searching for Moreen Pushkin, class of 60
    Email Peggy at pegsdreamn@aol.com
  • Shirley Nishitsuji is searching for Cathy Moffit, Marianne Schultz, Sharon Kurachi, Judy Berger and David Mann, class of 66
    Email Shirley at ears1212@aol.com

  • Gay Kaiser is searching for Bill Irwin, class of 61
  • Kevin Eide is looking for Joe Sullivan and Vince Lambert, class of 66
    Email Kevin at

  • Patricia Feldman is looking for Cathy Crowell, class of 68
    Email Pat at

  • Melinda Mosher is looking for George Thomas Williams, class of 62
    Email Melinda at
  • Michael Silverstein is looking for John Lenfesty, class of 68
    Email Michael at
  • Dennis Vejar is looking for Loretta Waldrup, class of 64
    Email Dennis at dvejar@sbcglobal.net
  • Karen Rogers is looking for Rick Hayes, class of 69
    Mail Karen at k

  • Teresa Dinuzzo is looking for Carrie Armendariz and Pat Cannon, class of 67
    Email Teresa at u

  • Debbie Neville is looking for Carla Dunn, class of 69
    Email Debbie at d

  • Don Alexander is looking for Roger Hall, class of 61
    Email Don at Jo

  • Robert Wagner is looking for Randy Hopson, class of 67
    Email Robert at r

  • Jeff Berlant is looking for Bob Tamaki, class of 63
    Email Jeff at jberlant@pol.net
  • Josephine Holloway is looking for Pam Glover, class of 65
    Email Jo at tutcentral@earthlink.net
  • Jo Ann Retano is looking for David Radis, class of 67 and Lolly Oliver class of 68
    Email Jo Ann at jomama@ca.rr.com

  • Russell Drysdale is searching for Wayne Markosian, class of 64
    Email Russel at wikkedlester@gmail.com

  • Vicki Mircheff is searching for Alan Marlowe, Carol Marlowe, Gary Martin, Paul Marquez, Dennis Kostick, Henry (Hank) Kowalczyk, Bill Kruger, Francine LaLonde, Roxanna Leber, Michael Lecover, Teresa Ledesma, Debbie Lee, Elliot Levine, Neil Levine, John Lewis, Cathie Lipowski, Charles Maria, class of 69
    Email Vicki at vmwells51@gmail.com
  • Debbie Polaske is searching for Elizabeth Scott, William Shirley, Charles Solomon, Gary Stablier, Barbara Stroman, Allen Sugerman and Lori Sullivan, class of 69
    Email Debbie at debguck@comcast.net

  • Robert Hughes is searching for Alex Kamola, class of 64
    Email Rob at rbhughes@kitcarson.net

  • Suzanne Potts is searching for Dan Faure, class of 1960
    Email Suzanne at potts.suzanne@gmail.com

  • Karen Christensen Blumber is searching for Kim Tyler, class of 1965
    Email Karen at zoedog3@hotmail.com

  • John Garland is searching for Tina Barbarito class of 67 and Kippy Barbarito, class of 1969
    Mail john at john.garland@southbaybrokers.com

  • Pat Johnston is searching for Sandy Lewis, Diane Hood and Marilla Chambers, class of 1960
    Email Pat at patgreen73@yahoo.com

  • Linda Watts is searching for Scott Ziegert, class of 1965
    Email Linda at liborg2@sbcglobal.net

  • Dorian Dunn is searching for Donald Counter, class of 1967
    Email Dorian at oldfords1@hotmail.com

  • Lee Lattin is searching for Susan Mauss, class of 1969
    Email Lee at llattin@omm.com

  • Carol Mendolia is searching for Lynette Huber, class of 1967
    Email Carol at carolmendolia@yahoo.com

  • Jan Kosin is searching for Susan Demovic, class of 1968
    Email Jan at jsherboparriott@sbc.global

  • Sharon Etchison is searching for Gladys Holcomb, Susan Espeland class of 1961 and Dominic Verchiani, French teacher
    Email Susan at
  • Bernadine (Dena) Whitney is searching for Bobbie Hartsough
    Email Dena at graff@rap.midco.net

  • Michael Enomoto is searching for Barbara Tedesco
    Email Michael at enomoto@gruenassociates.com

  • Pete Adams is searching for Paul Gunderson, Carol Donavan and Kathy Jackson, Class of 1964
    Email Pete at hpgadam@gmail.com

  • Deanna Brown is searching for Diane Van de Water, Class of 1966
    Email Deanna at deechaffin@yahoo.com

  • Karen Rodgers is searching for Alan Marlowe, Class of 1969
    Email Karen at karenstanger@att.net

  • Gilbert Conn is searching for Gary Ketelboeter, Class of 1960
    Email Gilbert at gilconn@sbcglobal.net

  • David W. Combs is searching for Irene Yurow
    Email David at roda2@juno.com

  • Lee Farmer is searching for Dick Messick, Class of 1961
    Email Lee at soi13lee@gmail.com
  • John Flanton is searching for Lori Ipach, Class of 1969
    Email John at jflanton@hotmail.com
  • Mike Hanks is searching for Artie Charles, Class of 1960, Phil Michaels, Barbara Ball, Class of 1961, Elaine Dawes, Class of 1962 and Pleasant Deskin, Class of 1963
    Email Mike at moinks@aol.com
  • "Rome" Andy Hamel is searching for Kathy McLaughlin, Class of 1972?
    Email "Rome" at romehamel@yahoo.com
  • Cindy Hall is searching for Linda Draper, Class of 1967
    Email Cindy at cndo@charter.net
  • Greg Autry is searching for Mandy Chism and Sally O'Sullivan, Class of 1966
    Email Greg at gregautry.cga@gmail.com
  • Debbie Kimball is searching for Becky Berger, Class of 1965
    Email Debbie at dkrelle76@hotmail.com
  • Carla Kallan is searching for Paula Carr, Sharon Jones, Rosemarie Simmons, Lyle Gillman, Howard Reingold, Debbie Goldman, Class of 1969
    Email Carla at capkelly@gmail.com
  • Karen Gabelhouse is searching for Susie Roegner (Carlson), Joyce Straight and Pauline Savage, Class of 1967
    Email Karen at gabelhou@aol.com
  • Dick Murphy is searching for Keith Smith, Class of 1968
    Email Dick at dick.murphy@comcast.net
  • Barbara Cadis is searching for Terry Hale, Class of 1966
    Email Barbara at simplyirresponsible2002@yahoo.com
  • Les Goldberg is searching for Jerry Gutterman
    Email Les at lgprman2000@yahoo.com
  • Sherri Gordon is searching for Steven Spiwak, Sandra Royal and Gayle Caplan, Class of 1964
    Email Sherri at mzdragonwoman@aol.com
  • Reggie Potts is searching for Bill and Barry Burt, Classes of 1965 and 1966
    Email Reggie at pottsrealestate@yahoo.com
  • Bill Kollenburn is searching for James Parker, Class of 1967
    Email Bill at wckkpc@hotmail.com
  • David Cowen is searching for Mark Steinberg, Class of 1967
    Email David at daveycow1@sbcglobal.net
  • Cathy Scoggin is searching for Maureen Minko, Pam Helton and Paul Gunther, Class of 1967
    Email Cathy at cathy_scoggin@hotmail.com
  • Elmo Pinard is searching for Fred Bronson, Donna Zaino and Vic Stebbins, Class of 1966
    Email Elmo at epinard@verizon.net
  • Jeffrey Gerod is searching for James Morrison, Class of 1965
    Email Jeffrey at gerod7747@hotmail.com
  • Esperanza Ramirez is searching for Claudia Amason, Class of 1966
    Email Esperanza at e_perdomo2003@yahoo.com
  • Teresa Dinuzzo is searching for, Jim Hunter, Sue Hunter, Judy, Bill and Warner Vanbatenburg, class of 1967 and unknown
    Email Teresa at unbaciotd@yahoo.com
  • Mikki Davis is searching for Adelle Cole and Blanca Levy, Class of 1969
    Email Mikki at ikki2k@hawaii.rr.com
  • Richard Deutschman is searching for Chester Burns, Class of 1960
    Email Richard at RDeutsc169@aol.com
  • Diane Willeford is searching for Carol Swenson class of 1960
    Email Diane at dianaraew@aol.com
  • Gilbert Conn is searching for Barry Stark class of 1960
    Email Gilbert at gilconn@sbcglobal.net
  • Susan Gromfin is searching for Susan Beytin, class of 1968
    Email Susan at onesusyque@aol.com
  • Barbara Rainier is searching for Tom Robertson, class of 1968
    Email Barbara at barbrain@ca.rr.com
  • Marilyn Lenard is searching for Keith Taylor, class of 1967
    Email Marilyn at marilynstotmore@sbcglobal
  • Dave Kontny is searching for Linda Burke, Sharon Hayward and Kathy Moore, class of 1966
    Email Dave at DLKontny@cox.net
  • Linda Kay is searching for Debi Lee, Susan McGee and Susan LaRose, class of 1969
    Email Linda at profbiller@sbcglobal.net
  • Beverly Winett is searching for Pat Ramsey, class of 1964
    Email Beverly at Ladybug1946@hotmail.com
  • Linda Kaidin is searching for Nona Bernhardt, class of 1966
    Email Linda at Lkaidin@aol.com
  • Teresa DiNuzzo is searching for Gregg Cantrell, class of 1967
    Email Teresa at unbaciotd@yahoo.com
  • Jacquey Fox is searching for Patti Gunter, class of 1966
    Email Jacquey at jfoxs@mac.com
  • Paul Dewey Holzer is searching for Sandy Morris, class of 1965
    Email Dewey at soberman@charter.net

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